Czar Rising

Victor Lansky is a rich, successful man. But when he's approached by a Russian offering the chance of billions of dollars, how can he resist it? He's drawn into the circle of shady industrialist billionaires, fixers and ultimately politicians as well. Somebody is going to die, before this is over.

Czar Rising is a work of fiction, but with the author's background knowledge, it offers a stark what-might-have-been look at the crazy world of Russian wealth and power.


Tarnished Copper

Tarnished Copper is a story of greed, deception and corruption in one of the world's most volatile financial markets. Over his time in the market, the author has seen the collapse of the International Tin Council, the Sumitomo Affair and numerous other market shenanigans, and brings an insider's unique insight into the way markets can be manipulated for profit. The fictional characters of Tarnished Copper seem horrifyingly real as they follow their dance of deception, culminating in untold riches for some, and death for another.


Geoffrey Sambrook

Geoffrey Sambrook has been involved in metal trading for over twenty years, working for companies in London and Hamburg. He graduated from Oxford in Modern Languages, and took an MBA at the City University. He lives in Sussex with his wife, dog and occasional visits from two daughters, and continues his career in the metals business.

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17th November 2014

I feature in BBC Russian Service discussion of oligarch squabbles in aluminium industry. Watch the interview  

February 20th, 2014

Just spent a few days in Hamburg researching for my new novel.  There's been a lot of development since I lived there in the mid-80s.
May 13th , 2013

My new website  launches
March 26th, 2013

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